What We're Loving Now: Lip Service

Climate wreaks havoc on my skin, and since my 20s living in New York City where radiator heat coupled with hydration-sucking wind gusts gave my skin new levels of blotchy dryness, finding that 'combination skin' balance has been my mystical unicorn. It's always that transition from humidity to arid that makes my skin flip the F out, and recently a trip to Joshua Tree reminded me just how delicate that daily skin regime can be.

One of the best things about starting Gorky is being introduced to and working with some amazing chemists and naturalists who have devoted themselves to sourcing the purest, efficacious, and clean ingredients to formate their products. Most of what we carry have incredibly personal stories, which is often times where you find things that actually work.

The Henné Lip Serum is now a staple in my handbag and goes everywhere I go. It has this tiny hint of sweetness, probably because of the rosehip and camelia oils, that reminds me of Lip Smackers Strawberry circa 1998 (but make it bougie). It's not sticky like lip gloss, and it soaks in in just a couple minutes to give you the softest pucker. Also great for use-in-case-of-emergency.

The Henné Lip Mask is also incredible weapon against that shedding snake skin situation. When I do my regular facial masks, I never seem to remember to give my lips equal treatment, and this super-rich formula has become a must add-on. I do it once a week, and suspect I won't need to as much once Los Angeles gets above 7% humidity.

Gherane is from the UK and new for us, but their Universal Balm is fantastic if you're looking for something more substantial than the Lip Serum, and it's truly universal—dry elbows, knees, cracked hands from washing your hands so dang much (still). It's soooo buttery without being sticky or oily.

With these gorgeous new friends in your skincare arsenal, you won't be licking your lips before leaning over to kiss your lover anymore ;)




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