Our first candle collection celebrates the feminine power, tenacity and bravery that has moved humanity forward throughout history. And historically, the female voice is often the silent one. So much so that in the scientific fields it’s been given a name—the ‘Matilda Effect,’ the routine removal of women from history or the misattribution of scientific discoveries to their male counterparts. 

Historical novelist Kate Mosse, whose fictional heroines are ordinary women and spends a fair amount of time in archives and libraries, started #WomaninHistory—a simple campaign to “acknowledge women from every race, every age, every country of origin or adoption, working in every field and to applaud their achievements. To put their names back into the history books.” Thousands of names were submitted from all corners of the world, from pirates to poets, and the chronicled list of the first 500 can be viewed here

In spirit of this celebration, we’ve created three scents modeled after three illustrious women we wanted to contribute to #WomaninHistory—Shi Pei Pu, Maya Deren, and Betye Saar.  A generous 11oz. poured in small batches in the US, our candles are made of domestically grown soy wax with organic cotton wicks. Rest assured that they have no dyes, preservatives or additives, and are phthalate-free.

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Shi Pei Pu

Pear, Citrus, Powder, Tonka, Amber, Oud, Must, Frankincense, Myrrh

The inspiration for the play “M. Butterfly” (not to be confused with Madame Butterfly which is a totally different thing), Shi Pei Pu was a Beijing opera singer, a beguiling spy and a deceitful lover. Delicate and otherworldly, Shi rose above the racism, sexism and imperialism of their time, embracing a fluidity that wouldn’t become familiar, recognized nor accepted until decades later.

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Maya Deren

Juniper, Smoke, Cedar, oud, Cypress, Balsam, Patchouli

With a head of curly hair as wild as her own tenacity and ambitions, Maya Deren was the original multi-hyphenate—a choreographer, dancer, film theorist, poet, lecturer, writer, photographer and experimental film maker. Deren believed that the function of film was to create an experience, creating Meshes of the Afternoon, which remains one of the most influential films in America cinema history.

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Betye Saar

Rose, Green leaves, Bergamot, Smoke, Cedar, Leather, Moss, Vetiver

Working with daily artifacts of American culture and consumerism like magazines and advertisements, while contrasting extremely personal family memorabilia, Betye Saar is an artist with things to say about racism in America. Never shying from a controversial conversation, Saar has been devoted to creating work that would ask hard questions, igniting the flames around equality that still burn bright today, if not more than ever.

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