NFT Drop No.01

Introducing a new way to participate in the Gorky community, our first NFT collection dropped on Aug 5 at our Friday Apéro No.4, the Fall '22 launch of one of our most beloved designers, RABÔT. This NFT drop, along with all subsequent drops, provides first access to collaborations, events, and our extremely limited monthly capsule drops from some of the best and brightest up-and-coming designers and artists we've ever seen.

The NFTs we've designed are inspired by RABÔT's 'The Silk Road' collection itself — the evil eye pattern papered across the walls comes from the vintage fabric Jacqueline Rabôt sourced for her collection as well as the colors for Jenn Kwong's equally incandescent and delicious dumplings.


Released on Friday, August 12.



Released on Friday, August 19.


Released on Friday, August 26.


Reserved for Apéro No.4 guests.


Released on Friday, September 2.


Released on Friday, September 9.

Jump down the rabbit hole to—


Be a part of our community as we build beautiful moments for people to meet, connect, experience, and feel joy. Each NFT collection we design is inspired by an event we put together and you can get it, free, by attending. These Gorky NFTs will unlock exclusive access, privileges and invitations, and what else?—only time will tell.

Gorky has always been about creating a safe, beautiful space to bring joy to everyone who enters our doors. In the digital realm, we are a whole world— We believe that blockchain technology, the backbone of Web3, is the most exciting enabler of connection and community since the Internet was invented. And somewhere between the two, between the physical and the virtual, is where magic is created. Only imagination limits your boundaries and this is where our NFT collection comes in. But first, some basics below ⬇️


What is an NFT?

NFT (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets that represent real-world items like art, music, and merchandise. “Non-fungible” more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. Most NFTs are bought and sold on the Ethereum (a crypto) blockchain, and the blockchain tracks who selling or holding each NFT.

You can think of NFTs as digital access cards or digital collectibles you receive for attending our events, or, if not in LA, simply for signing up to win. An NFT collection is dropped with each event we hold, and the design of the NFTs are inspired by the collaborations that give the event life.

What can I do with these NFTs?

There's a lot of hype out there about NFTs, but they are about so much more than just bragging rights in a profile picture. Depending on the smart contracts behind each NFT, or what they have been programmed to do, they will unlock certain features, access, gifts, invitations, and much more. When we first drop an NFT, these benefits may not be immediately obvious but what you can be certain of is that you've gained access into our world, and only time, advancement of the blockchain technology, and your imagination can tell what adventures Web3 will bring. Come with us on the ride!

What’s a wallet?

In this world, wallets are digital wallets that support NFTs, cryptocurrency, or other digital assets like airline boarding passes or event tickets. The most popular ones are Metamask and Coinbase, which we can directly drop to. If you don't have one, don't sweat it—we'll create one for you where you can safely store and view at anytime. If you end up creating another wallet someone you'd like to move it to, we'll do that for you too.

Are my NFTs just for me?

Absolutely. One of the great things about NFTs is the exclusivity of ownership. Our NFTs provide a type of exclusivity representing the events you experienced or attended with us gained through a secure hyperlink to the specific NFTs. In this way, your NFTs are just for you, unique to your journey, and (like stamps on a passport) they’ll forever remind you of your travels and where you’ve been.

Can I trade or sell my NFTs?

We'd like to think that you would never want to your NFT but yes, absolutely. But don't forget that each Gorky NFT is attached to what you can think of as a "key"—it unlocks a specific part of the Gorky experience. Some of these privileges expire and some last forever, so just be aware of these before you go trading them away.

How do I get the NFTs?

We will generally drop NFTs with every event we hold, so the easiest way is to attend our events. But so many of you aren't in LA, so we'll have a seperate list where we will give a certain number away to everyone who's signed up. At certain periods we'll release previous NFT editions for sale to the public and, if you're lucky, you could also perhaps coerce a NFT holder to sell or trade with you.

I’m already into NFTs, can I add the NFTs to my personal Web3 wallet?

Yes, you can. When you receive your claim email, you can either claim with your wallet or claim by email.

I have more questions!

We're here to answer them! DM us on IG @thegorkyla or email We're opening a Discord soon so stay tuned.


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