Zoom 2023 The Astral Planner
Zoom 2023 The Astral Planner
Zoom 2023 The Astral Planner
Zoom 2023 The Astral Planner

2023 The Astral Planner

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The Astral Planner will take you on a journey to discover your inherent energy, inclinations, life path, and innate aspects about yourself that you may have always felt but never been able to put into words. By creating awareness around ongoing cosmic conversations, the daily moon phases, corresponding moon signs, and synchronicity signs with correlating space to note your habits, energy levels, and how you feel, you will begin to uncover the connection between your natural rhythms and the ancient energies that underscore our earthly existence.


  • 2023/2024 Yearly Overview with Monthly Intentions

  • Important Dates (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Events, Travel, etc.)

  • My Favorite Moments and Accomplishments of 2023

  • Life Assessment and 2023 Goals and Intentions for 10 Life Areas


  • Monthly Overview Pages include inspirational quotes, noteworthy stargazing events such as meteor showers (One with the Stars) and important nature and animal conservation days (One with the Earth), the lunar cycle, monthly zodiac season dates, a place to write your own monthly affirmation, and more.

  • Monthly Calendar Spread includes important dates and deadlines, goals for this month, a notes section for self check-in and reflection, inclusive of government holidays, planetary transits, and the monthly new and full moon.

  • 2023 Finances: Income and Expense Tracker with Monthly Financial Tips

  • Refunds Tracker

  • Password and Username Log

  • Thoughts and Notes


  • Showing a day per page for the weekdays with Saturday & Sunday combined

  • Daily Schedule with times from 6am until midnight

  • Corresponding moon phase and moon sign for each day

  • A place to note any Angel Numbers and Synchronicity Signs you come across

  • A place to create a Morning and Evening Routine

  • Top Priorities for the day including home, family, work, social, financial, or personal

  • Nutrition Tracker and Meal Planning

  • Vitamins/Supplements Reminder

  • Water and Caffeine Tracker

  • Health and Fitness Tracker

  • Emotion and Energy Tracker

  • Daily Notes Section


  • Self-Care Habits and Practices

  • Living Seasonally: The Connection Between the Stars, the Seasons, and the Human Spirit

  • A Brief History of Astrology

  • Mapping the Universe Within

  • Two-Page Astrological Reference Guide 

  • Zodiac Archetypes

  • Greco-Roman Mythology Guide

  • Planetary Influences on the Days of the Week

  • A Galaxy in Motion and the Language of the Cosmos 

  • Understanding the Phases of the Moon

  • Moon Phases and Spiritual Themes

  • Moon Symbolism through the Centuries

  • The Full Moons of 2023

  • The Foundation of Numerology

  • A Metaphysical Understanding of Numbers

  • The Significance of Your Life Path Number

  • Your Destiny as a Numerical Value

  • Interpreting Celestial Messages through Synchronicities and Angel Numbers 


  • Pages: 396 pages (198 double sided pages)

  • Format: Daily, Monthly

  • Cover: Premium Linen Hardcover with “2023” and “The Astral Planner - Executive Daily Planner” Gold Foil

  • Binding: Smyth sewn for strength and longevity with lay-flat binding for functionality and ease of use

  • Material: 50 lb FSC certified, acid-free paper with soy based ink

  • Additions: x2 Ribbon Bookmarks, inside back pocket, and elastic closure

2023 The Astral Planner



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