Zoom Making Space for the New with Fiona Bicknell

Making Space for the New with Fiona Bicknell

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making space for the new 
Monday March 25, 7:30 to 9 pm 
Our brains are wired to take in our environment and its messages in order to create safety and ensure survival. When the world we live in is strongly led by messages of fear and lack, the trap of comfort and limiting our potential is, in many cases, the unconscious default to the way we lead our lives. 
In this 90 minute workshop, Integrated Coach, Fiona Bicknell, will lean on teachings from both ancient wisdom and modern thinkers to support us in identifying and acting upon our potential. Taking place on the full moon - a time for release of the old - we will utilize visualization practices and self inquiry to define a new self image - one in which we stretch the mind to see ourselves for all we are capable of achieving. 

As an Integrated Coach, Fiona’s approach is rooted in acknowledging the interconnectivity of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
Utilizing her intuitive gifts, combined with extensive training of various practices - of both science and spirit - Fiona offers her clients insight and guidance across all areas of life, supporting them to fulfill their potential.

Fiona carries certifications of Holistic Coach, Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, alongside in-depth Human Design training and extensive study of numerous systems of ancient wisdom

Making Space for the New with Fiona Bicknell



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