Apéro No.5 An evening with One Magazine — and a love note to Gorky's community

One of the tenets on which we built Gorky is not only adhering to sustainable practices but also responsibility towards how we think about sustainability and encourage it within the community. When Rachel Comey came out against Uline, we were shocked and shamed and immediately cancelled our account with Uline, instead digging into alternatives. But we were also encouraged that a brand could also inspire action, and wondered about all the other small independent shops that would have followed suit. So when Cindy Nixon of Pace and Nicole Gavrilles, founder and creative director of One Magazine, an annual publication dedicated to ethical practices within fashion, approached us to celebrate the launch of their issue No. 19, we couldn't say yes fast enough.

The evening before our event, there was an intimate gathering at Leigh Miller's studio in Glassell Park, where I met Nicole and learned the story of how No.19 came together, over months, during a global pandemic, across continents. It was the epitome of a labor of love. But beyond that, it was the sheer dedication to tell the stories of brands and women around the world who were making strides to their own greener future according to their research, philosophies, and abilities. Twelve years, to be exact, of side hustling in support of this dedication. 

Leafing through the pages of the stunning issue, you got the feeling that there is, in fact, no one rulebook or sequence of steps to becoming sustainable, but rather it's a philosophy of living. With all the greenwashing and green-shaming that's driving much so much of consumption decisions the days, it's important to remember that each one of our actions is connected to each other and the earth, and that one day, it will all come to bear. It's comforting to see that some of these intentional values, just as we select designers and artists to cultivate at Gorky, are becoming more and more inherent and prioritized in communities everywhere. And together, we can affect true change that's immune to politics and media cycles.

A small reflection on the evening itself—as I stood by the front of the store just looking at the crowd that had shown up to welcome Nicole, a long-time Brooklynite, to Los Angeles, I couldn't help but well up with all the feels towards my own adopted city as well as the incredible Gorky community that shows up continually in support of creation and community. Thank you all from the depths of my heart. 

And a special thank you to Zuzu (officially a staple in my own fridge now) and Mijenta Tequila for making sure we were quenched, Alain de Saracho for keeping the dance floor filled, and Aly Soares for capturing the evening. 

Cece x


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