Work In Progress — GARA SKINCARE and preserving the ancient knowledge of plant medicine

GARA Skincare started as a bit of a pet project for co-founders Emilee Dziuk-Barnett and Paul Barnett who, as self-proclaimed plant people, were making products for themselves, friends and family based on traditional methods that paid homage to the earth. Enthusiasts of many things, from sacred geometry and ancient technologies, to traditional herbalism and modern science, their methods deeply believe in the synchronicity and wisdom at play within plants themselves.

Taking precedent above all is the well-being and health of the plants GARA uses in their products and the ecosystems that support regenerative agricultural practices. All of their ingredients is sourced directly through small, organic cultivators, and meticulously vetted for potency and purity. 
Emilee and Paul grow many of the herbs themselves and firmly believe that the direct connection they have with this process is essential to the efficacy of their products. One taking on the role of formulation and the other distillation, they focus on sustainable, slow skincare and are involved in each step of the process: sowing the seeds, tending the garden, harvesting and processing herbs from our micro-farm.
GARA's hydrosols, each distilled in a copper alembic still, come in miron violet glass for solar infusions. Many of the hydrosols are created from plants native to Southern California, and all of them are distilled of fresh plant material within hours of harvesting so that the ingredients used are captured in their purest forms.

Watch the entire video below, narrated by Emilee, which describes the GARA philosophy and their approach and commitment to creating products that, quite literally, speak the healing language of the earth.


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